December 18 roundup

  • Class action to follow? Longtime Overlawyered favorite Gloria Allred now representing one of the Tiger Tootsies [The Observer]
  • Alabama lawyer moves to postpone trial so he can see Crimson Tide take on Texas [Yahoo “Rivals”]
  • “Thomas the Tank Engine attacked for ‘conservative political ideology'” [Telegraph; Canadian academic calls for tighter controls on children’s broadcasting]
  • Government manages to lose money at bookie racket: “NYC’s Off-Track-Betting Seeks Bankruptcy Protection” [Bloomberg]
  • “Rapist ex-lawmaker claims copyright on his name, threatens legal action” [Boing Boing, Volokh, Randazza/Citizen Media Law]
  • Graubard Miller $42 million contingency fee “now in referee’s hands” [NYLJ; earlier Oct. 5, etc.]
  • It’ll destroy our image of him: opponents say “alleged Ponzi schemer and disbarred attorney Scott Rothstein filed frivolous lawsuits” [DBR]
  • New Hampshire disciplinary panel finds prominent injury attorney broke ethics rules in handling client who talked of firing him from multi-million-dollar case [Keene Sentinel]


  • I guess Klaudt hasn’t heard of the Streisand Effect.

  • Thomas the Tank Engine is BAD?????

    What is the color of the sky on that professor’s world, I’d like to know.

  • Thomas and his friends are portrayed as little children who get into trouble and then find redemption. Its not a class warfare vignette. Its little morality plays that children can relate to. BTW, my little ones outgrew Thomas pretty quickly, preferring Veggie Tales or Bob the Builder and the ever popular Bugs Bunny.

  • My kids preferred Road Runner. Sometimes violence is the answer.

  • Except the violence in the road runner cartoons always backfires.