“The only times I saw her (Allred) was when the media was there.”

Imagine that: a discontented Gloria Allred client, in this case Debrahlee Lorenzana, who filed a pioneering “fired because I looked too hot” suit against Citicorp in 2010. (Allred is now representing a second such client, against a Manhattan lingerie shop.) “Allred told the Daily News she and her team ‘put in hundreds of hours fighting for her (Lorenzana’s) rights.'” [Fox News]

And from comments: Ted Frank defends Gloria Allred.

One Comment

  • In defense of Allred: (1) one wouldn’t expect the superstar to be personally involved in the minutiae of a case; that sort of work is generally delegated; (2) you may recall that Lorenzana’s claims weren’t as strong as the initial press conference once people started digging into the facts; and (3) by all accounts, Lorenzana turned down a settlement offer and is proceeding pro se (meaning no one else wanted to continue on with the case, either). Allred probably won’t collect a dime, and can’t defend herself in the absence of being sued by Lorenzana. Not clear to me she did anything wrong, unless she misled Lorenzana to begin with, but that isn’t the allegation.