Paul Krugman and tainted tomatoes

The Times columnist’s rants on the supposed collapse in food safety (which he keeps blaming on, of all people, Milton Friedman) appear to be not well borne out by the actual numbers (Alex Tabarrok, Jun. 13).

One Comment

  • I am continually delighted by the quality of food available to me at reasonale prices at my local grocery stores. I did get some moldy jelly and spoiled chicken, but that was 40 years ago. Since then all has been fine.

    I wonder if the recent problem with spinach and tomatoes comes more from people not using acidic salad dressings. The disinfectant property of salad dressing is what makes them so tasty. Those liking acidic salad dressings would be selected for. The same is true of the use of garlic.

    I am a great fan of Mr. Krugman. If his comments on food safety are as described, then he is a wonderful guy with a truly dumb belief.