“Divorce, Connecticut-Style”

One Westport split cost the divorcing couple an estimated $13 million. It differed in degree, but not really in kind, from many lesser domestic catastrophes: “Divorcing couples in Connecticut regularly rack up bank-busting legal bills that can put the lesser earning party — and there often is an economic imbalance between warring couples — into bankruptcy. … the most expensive and sought-after divorce attorneys are commonly referred to as ‘junkyard dogs.'” Then there are the hefty sums you may be forced to hand over to lawyers who get themselves appointed guardians ad litem, to represent your kids against, well, you and your ex (Daniel D’Ambrosio, Hartford Advocate, Jul. 24).

One Comment

  • What a sad story. In WI, the law says that any increase in assets after the marriage is community property, with a 50/50 split. Combine that with a complete absence of any aggravating factors (adultery doesn’t count against you, at all), and there is so much less to go to court over. A long trial is pretty much unheard of here.

    At least CT isn’t as bad as NY — the only “fault” divorce state left. Maybe the attitude just kind of leaches over the state line?