ESPN columnist: minor league players should sue over steroids

“I think minor league players like Jones should file a class action, restraint of trade lawsuit against Major League Baseball because they sat stewing in the minors while big leaguers were allowed to cheat,” says Rick Reilly (ESPN, undated, current)(h/t Ronald Miller).


  • This presumes that minor league players are not also on the clear and the cream.

  • Minor leagues had pretty good testing programs for steroids during the relevant time period.

  • Seems to me he’d also have to prove he was better (by whatever standard) than the player(s) ahead of him at his position–a difficult proposition indeed, if it was Gary Sheffield and Jason Giambi at his position with the Yankees (from the example in Reilly’s column).

    The people who might–MIGHT–be sued should include the players who he thinks he was “better” than, and force them to prove they were not on ‘roids; problem there is, he would have to prove that HE wasn’t using them!

    Of course, he could sue every player named in the Mitchell Report . . . ?