Cavorter’s remorse, cont’d: topless mermaid suit case

Spot the antecedent of “her” in this lead paragraph from

A New York judge yesterday (September 22) dismissed a lawsuit filed against Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs and Vibe Magazine over a picture that showed her topless at a party hosted by the Bad Boy mogul.

It reads as if “her” would have to refer to “judge”, but not so: it was hedge fund manager Maria Kristina Dominguez who sued the magazine and music celebrity. The judge threw out her suit, ruling that the “photo was related to newsworthy issues of public interest and Dominguez had no right of privacy while cavorting topless”. More on flasher’s remorse here, etc.


  • At first glance I thought there might have been a wardrobe malfunction at the court – those robes have zippers, right?

  • In case anyone is interested in viewing the offending picture, here’s a link to the New York Post article on the lawsuit dismissal which includes the picture itself (I would rate the picture “PG”):