October 2 roundup

  • Cameras in the Neiman Marcus “loss security” (anti-theft operations) room? So unfair when they catch two employees making whoopee [Chicago Tribune via Feral Child]
  • Flipping their wigs: after three centuries judges in British civil and family courts today end tradition of horsehair wigs [Times Online]
  • The right number? $28 million to Boston victim of negligent Big Dig construction [Globe]
  • White collar advice: “Always commit crimes with people more important than you are, so you can turn them in” [Dershowitz, Forbes]
  • Injured while skylarking on freight trains, now want Oz taxpayers to pay for their injuries [The Australian]
  • That’ll spoil the fun: New Jersey high court bars judges from discussing future employment with lawyers who have pending cases before them [NJLJ]
  • Compromise on Capitol Hill lets Pandora survive a little longer to negotiate with music rights owners [ReadWriteWeb; earlier here, here]
  • Rapists with leverage over the adoption of a resultant child? [four years ago on Overlawyered]

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