Microblog 2008-11-18

  • “Mark Cuban Buys SEC, Dismisses All Charges Against Himself” [Dateline Hollywood h/t @SecuritiesD] #
  • Ultra-close-up high-rez photos of spiders [Dark Roasted Blend] #
  • Overlawyered was down much of Tuesday, looks like problem was with a WP tag plugin exhausting memory #
  • New Bush regs: health providers must let religious employees pick and choose which care to assist with [Ronald Bailey, Reason “Hit and Run”] #
  • On behalf of his NYC fan base, huzzah for lawprof Richard Epstein who’s moving from U. Chicago to NYU [NLJ] #
  • Luggage that’s almost assured to draw scrutiny from TSA screeners in airport lines [Boing Boing via Happy Hospitalist] #
  • Entire 50-year run of Charles Schulz’s Peanuts comic strip now online [Comics.com via Feral Child] #
  • “Don’t close your blog’s comments” but read on, I cite some good reasons to close ’em [Amy Derby] #

One Comment

  • The summer after 9/11, I traveled with a professional digital video camera that came in special metal case that practically screamed “I am a tactical nuclear weapon”. The security people were actually pretty accomodating, all things considered.