Microblog 2008-12-26

Wounded feelings, hostage rescues by lawyers, and Philadelphia politics:

In the next edition of Microblog, we’ll answer the question, “How many lawyers does it take to change a lightbulb?”


  • “Your tax dollars at work: General Motors files suit to recover “hostage” auto parts ”

    Ironic, yes; Overlawyered, not. Folks are getting court orders most everyday to get back property they own from bankrupt businesses.

  • A “people’s indictment”, huh?

    Two thoughts:

    (1) Seems to me the Boy Scouts in Philadelphia have a far more legitimate reason than the so-called “library coalition” to supposedly “people’s-indict” anyone–besides, doesn’t “people’s indictment” sound like something from the PEOPLE’S Republic of China anyway?

    (2) If the mayor had thought of this, he could have issued a “civil mayor’s indictment” against the so-called “library coalition”; said indictment could’ve had in it the “possibility” of forcing the group’s members to pony up their OWN money to keep the libraries open or for the coalition to BUY the libraries outright.