March 1 roundup

  • Somehow not shocked to hear this: “ABA Pushes for 1,000-Lawyer Legal Corps” [ABA Journal]
  • Appeals court will consider whether violated fair housing law by asking subscribers about sexual orientation [Heller, OnPoint News]
  • World gone mad: Bank of America has given ACORN nearly $3 million since 2005 [Capital Research Center] Group hasn’t given up its old lawbreaking ways [Michelle Malkin]
  • Gloria Allred representing injured passenger who rode with Morgan Freeman [AP, PopSquire, Janet Charlton]
  • If even they can’t comply you know it’s bad: Federal Labor Relations Authority found to have committed unfair labor practice [Workplace Prof]
  • Poor England, perhaps it’s time to retire its reputation as a place of civil liberties [Ken @ Popehat] Related: we’ve cleared you of child abuse, but it’s too late to get your children back, beastly sorry about that [Neatorama]
  • When the judge writes well, even a slip and fall verdict can make for agreeable reading [Turkewitz]
  • “Ebay Founder Tweets About An Unusual Lawsuit” [NY Times “Bits”, Pierre Omidyar]


  • We are Bank of America customers and I hate it! I still haven’t been able to convince the hubster that we need to switch – and soon. Don’t get me wrong – he was all for switching last year when the first bailout came and it was discovered that they squandered so much money. He just dreads all of the changes and paperwork and stuff involved with changing banks. We’ve been with them ever since we got married almost 16 years ago.

  • Bank of America is Peter Lewis. He is known to be an “I’ll take my company and move” if you don’t give me what I want kind of bully in the state of Ohio. ACORN has a Secretary of State project that helps like-minded people get elected and why Brunner did not do anything about voter fraud in Ohio last fall. Brunner was elected with ACORN funds. No surprise BoA’s foundation supported ACORN, it has been public news that Lewis was part of the startup for MoveOn and they are ideological twins.

  • BG: Bank of America’s CEO is named Kenneth Lewis. The Peter Lewis who is a billionaire backer of MoveOn formerly ran Progressive Insurance, based in Cleveland, and has no connection with Bank of America that I know of.

    I cannot evaluate your claims about Brunner, which in any event may not relate much to Bank of America unless that bank takes a hand in Ohio politics.

  • You are right Mr Olson,
    I thought Peter Lewis was connected to MBNA, which is now part of BoA. Lewis, along with Cleveland Browns owner Lerner (who was MBNA) attempted to take over a different bank earlier. Seems to be a social tie and perhaps an ideological one to BoA and not a business or decision-making one.

    Sorry about the mis-information and confusion.