March 25 roundup

  • Driver on narcotic painkillers crashes car, lawyer says pharmacists liable [Las Vegas Review-Journal]
  • Who’s that cyber-chasing the Buffalo Continental Air crash? Could it be noted San Francisco-based plaintiff’s firm Lieff Cabraser? [Turkewitz]
  • Axl Rose no fan of former Guns N’ Roses bandmate or his royalty-seeking attorneys [Reuters]
  • Cheese shop owner speaks out against punitive tariff on Roquefort, now due to take effect April 23 [video at Reason “Hit and Run”, earlier]
  • Too many cops and too many lawsuits in city schools, says Errol Louis [NY Daily News]
  • Law professor and prominent blogger Ann Althouse is getting married — to one of her commenters. Congratulations! [her blog, Greenfield] Kalim Kassam wonders when we can look forward to the Meg Ryan film “You’ve Got Blog Comments”.
  • “Louisiana panel recommends paying fees of wrongfully accused Dr. Anna Pou” (charged in deaths of patients during Hurricane Katrina) [NMissCommentor]
  • U.K.: “Privacy Group Wants To Shut Down Google Street View” [Mashable]


  • In the case of that woman who killed a man while driving high on narcotic painkillers, you will note that the lawyer sued all seven pharmacies that had ever filled prescriptions for her, not just the pharmacy that supplied the particular pills that she had taken that day. Had he just sued the one pharmacy, that would have been an example of suing a deep-pocketed bystander. But he must have decided that seven deep pocketed bystanders is seven times more lucrative for him than one.

  • wonders when we can look forward to the Meg Ryan film “You’ve Got Blog Comments

    Heh heh. I married a blogger’s son who I met through commenting on his (the blogger’s) blog. Obviously material for a romantic comedy. Okay, maybe not. 🙂

    (Hi, I’m a regular reader, even though I never comment. LOVE this blog!)