• Like the peanut butter jar that says “contains peanuts”.

    I suppose if this is a comprehensive law, saying that anything containing milk must be labelled as such, it’s a pretty innocuous one. Unlike others I know.

  • Isn’t the UK on the Metric system? 2.272 liters (4 pints) don’t look like no metric sized bottle to me.

  • I wonder when the warning label will look exactly like the ingredient list. Right now the only things left off the warning label are the ingredients you can’t pronounce.

  • Interesting that it says “suitable for vegetarians”. If it were in the United States, some lawyer would file a class action against that company on behalf of vegans who don’t eat or drink dairy products.

  • Maybe UK labeling laws – despite the silliness of this particular case – are enforced better than they are here.

    I reshelf all too many food products that contain some form of soy – soy oil, soy lecithin, soy whatever – that are not labeled “Warning: Contains soy (milk, wheat, peanuts, and whatever else is mandated)”.

    OK, next time I’m at the grocery, I’ll pick up a package of tofu or edamame and see if it says “Warning: Contains soy”.

  • XMAS, It’s probably an Imperial pint; 20 oz., not 16.