• I don’t know that it’s true, but CNBC ran a crawl that said his estate was $500 million in debt. That’s half a billion dollars. CNBC also said that he was due to earn $20 million for his European concert tour.

    I don’t think there’s going to be much of an estate to argue about once the creditors get finished.

    Well, they could treat his estate like a car company, I suppose…

  • Mmm, here is a harsh thought. Now i will confess i have never done a study of this sort of thing but more than a few people have doubted that michael jackson could produce children that looked like they did. to put a crass finger on it, they are too white. remember whatever made him look so light late in life–whether it was that disease or some kind of alteration–that either wouldn’t show up yet, or wouldn’t be passed on at all. So there is a rational doubt as to whether those kids are actually his. And i wouldn’t be shocked if that results in some fighting on the legal front, although it depends on alot of factors i don’t know and some issues of cali law i won’t pretend to know.