• Michael Krauss at Point of Law asked:

    Let’s wait and see which lawyer has “consulted” with Canseco, which other players will team up with him, and which jurist is prepared to make a straight-faced claim to a court that a player has the right to get into the Hall of Fame, and that truth is no longer a defense to a defamation suit.

    Hourly or contingent fee?

  • MLB neither owns nor runs the Hall of Fame. I doubt Canseco has standing on a defamation claim as he was never tested and as far as I know MLB has never mentioned him in connection with steroids. Canseco was out of baseball before his book came out because he was washed up and a clown. When you have skills people put up with you being an @sshat. When the skills are gone, people lose patience.

  • Does anyone know where a person can go to bet on things like “Jose Canseco will never file a lawsuit in this case?”

  • He will state in his lawsuit that “Baseball has been very very bad to me”.

  • Not that I think he should be suing anyone, but his beef about not being in the Hall of Fame is with the baseball writers, who vote on who gets into the HOF. How can someone have spent most of his adult life in baseball and not know this?