June 5 roundup

  • See you in court, ma: “Man awarded $115K after suing mom for lost pinky finger” [Obscure Store, Bergen County (N.J.) Record]
  • Please reassure us Canada’s not going to follow U.S. down abusive road of asset seizure in law enforcement [Moin Yahya and Janet Neilson, Western Standard]
  • What sorts of intellectual property norms prevail in the world of stand-up comedy? [ConcurOp]
  • “Marc Dreier’s Son Sues College Roommate for $1M” [ABA Journal]
  • Intersection of state divorce law with peripatetic military life can lead to harsh results [Bader, CEI]
  • Grape-Nuts contain neither grapes nor nuts! Cap’n Crunch isn’t a real captain! It’s not fair! [comments on our popular “Crunchberries” item]
  • “Lawyer’s ‘Contentious’ Claims Against Landlord Are Rejected” [NYLJ]
  • “Adult” won’t cut it any more, we need a new legal category, more responsible, of “grownup” [Ken at Popehat]


  • My blog post of 6/1/09 discusses several finger amputation cases and how many of them result from power saw or similar accidents that are largely the fault of the plaintiff.

  • Re the divorce article: Yet another piece of data arguing to never get married (and also to never father any children.)

    With the rules such as they are, a person would have to be a fool to get married. But perhpas, that’s the definition of love.