• Don’t worry, somebody will get burned and sue, claiming that the warning is inadequate since it is snarky.

  • This raises the question of whether a court can dismiss a suit on summary judgment on grounds of plaintiff’s lack of a sense of humor.

  • I keep expecting to walk into a gun store, examine a gun, and see “Do Not Stand Here,” engraved in a little ring around the muzzle.

  • […] I like: “OF COURSE IT’S HOT!” […]

  • Around the web, July 27…

    U.K.’s Freshfields under fire after it’s found to having represented antebellum slaveholders. Next shock-horror discovery: some big-name lawyers have even represented murderers [WSJ Law Blog] Lawyers will reap $10 million from $35 million settlement…

  • Oh, someone’s gonna sue:

    “Your honor, my client took the joking tone of the warning to mean the whole thing was a joke. Then he chugged the entire cup of coffee in one shot, and severely burned his throat. He’ll never be the same again – he’s not able to work, he’s in constant pain, and his wife is joining the suit over her loss of consortium.”