July 27 roundup

  • High-profile Pennsylvania attorney John P. Karoly Jr. pleads guilty to tax evasion, faces possible prison term [Allentown Morning Call, Legal Intelligencer, Lehigh Valley Live, WFMZ, his website; earlier]
  • Tennessee congressman pushes to overturn NBA age limit [Fanhouse, Sports Law Blog]
  • $262 million in bankruptcy fees to date for Lehman, ultimate figure could approach $1 billion [Hartley]
  • Complaint by gay altar server to Ontario Human Rights Tribunal menaces church’s autonomy [National Post via Box Turtle Bulletin]
  • Lawsuit seeks shutdown of Domelights.com, private message board for Philadelphia cops that has had “racially offensive” posts and comments [CNN, Post @ Volokh] 2002 Sotomayor decision in Pappas v. Giuliani may be on point [Popehat, Kennerly]
  • New Jersey organ scandal should come as little surprise given our failed policies on kidney donation [Satel, WSJ]
  • Deputy D.A. arrested for drunk driving lands on her feet, hired by local DWI Resource Center [KRQE, Albuquerque]
  • “San Diego Judge Denies Class Action Motions in 2007 Wildfires” [California Civil Justice]

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