Are high-occupancy toll lanes racist?

That’s one claim in a lawsuit by the government of Arlington, Virginia against such a plan. The chair of the county board says the issue never came up in county discussions and “only arose [in the lawsuit] because the environmental review includes socioeconomic impact”. [MyFoxDC via Below the Beltway]


  • “ adding HOT lanes would cut out poor and minorities by defacto.”

    I’ve read the story repeatedly and cannot fathom how there could be any disparate impact, much less overt discrimination. Is there some defacto reason why 3 or more blacks cannot sit in a car in the same manner that any other race could coexist in groups of 3 (or more)?

    Most of America is willing to move beyond race; it’s time for everyone to stop tolerating crap arguments like this.

  • Are high-occupancy toll lanes racist?

    About as much as a two-lane blacktop with a solid white line on top, oppressing it.

  • Only if the mannequin you use to cheat the system isn’t the proper shade of neutral plastic.

  • WWJCS? (What would Jimmy Carter say?)

  • WWNPS? (What would Nancy Pelosi say?, too!)
    WWJJSSLFSAWC? (What would Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and Louis Farrakhan say–and why care??)

  • It’s important not to confuse the real with the ridiculous. Also, contrary to what some of the responses suggest, low-income and minorty does not simply mean black.