EEOC sues Abercrombie & Fitch

The clothing chain, famed for its hormone-saturated atmosphere, is being sued by the feds on behalf of a Muslim teenager whom it allegedly refused to hire because of her insistence on wearing a modest hijab headscarf, modesty being arguably incompatible with Abercrombie’s image. [EEOC press release via Ohio Employer’s Law]


  • How does the EEOC survive constitutional scrutiny? If the EEOC can exist, then there is no limit on what the feds can do.

  • @Jack Wilson Modus tollens will tell us the same thing that reading the news does: there *is* no limit to what the feds can do, and in fact are doing. The Constitution as a check on government power was lost some time ago and something like 90% of our current regulatory environment would have to be trashed to recover it.

  • And yet again the press doens’t know the difference between “hijab” and the scarf. I’m not Muslim; I do know something about different kinds of head coverings. The scarf is known as a “niqab”. The word “hijab” is the standard of modesty for Muslim women. Frankly I’m not sure it can even be used in the singular, as “a hijab”….