• What kind of Jedi brings a lawsuit? Why not perform a simple Jedi mind trick? Hello? These are not the droids you’re looking for. What a Padewan.

  • In fact, why do Jedi need to eat? Aren’t they one with the universe? Yoda doesn’t seem the need to eat. Why couldn’t the Jedi church leader just use his “jedi mind tricks” to compel the grocery store workers to give him food, if he requires it.

  • Is any further proof needed that religion is man-made? Between Jedi churches and Scientology, it’s evident that a certain portion of the population will believe in just about anything.

  • Eipers, I find your lack of faith disturbing.

  • Skipp:
    The Jedi mind trick only works on the “weak minded.” Accordingly, Jedi Reverand Daniel Jones was correct in not attempting to use it on the Manager of a Supermarket. Better to wait and use it on a Judge.

    Still, you have to wonder whether Jones is conflating the Star Wars series with the Dune series. Maybe he’d be taken more seriously if he declared himself to be a Reverand Mother and covered his head with Sand Trout.

  • From the Tesco representative’s response that equate him to a Sith since only the Emperor never removed his hood.

  • okay, i have to ask… are these guys serious. i mean i suspect half the time when a person lists their religion as “jedi” that they are just punking us.

    I mean think of it. it is the perfect way to punk those who get all high and mighty about respecting diversity: “Okay, then respect my diversity. i am a Jedi American!” its like an Ali G bit. Its like a big government sting. right?

    Please, oh please, God, tell me these “jedi” are not serious.

  • It’s been quite some time but I do recall Yoda dabbling in Luke’s travel rations. Eat, they do.

  • Yes, yoda did he eat when alive, but in afterlife did he not.

  • The Force is weak with this one. I fear he has stepped over to the Dark Side.

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