• I imagine that any law of this sort will put all of the Taco Trucks in LA out of business. Does the LA Times mention this?

    As an aside, when we were in downtown LA last weekend, we saw a number of korean-language taco trucks. Our hosts indicated that this is an increasingly common genre- korean-style bbq meats, served in mexican-style tortilla packages. Man, I sure miss LA.

  • I think this is the clarion that announces we should leave the cities entirely. We’ll have to get suburban, if not rural homes with sufficient space to grow our own food. As it will be illegal to sell the food without FDA inspection, we’ll have to resort to a barter economy.

    But that’ll probably be okay as the cash economy is going to be non-functioning in a while anyway.

    As long as laws like this keep increasing, we need to make sure that laws supporting the 2nd Amendment also keep increasing. We’ll be in Farmer McGregor mode for a while, but this, too, shall pass….