• This homebaked ban does not appear to involve lawyers at all. Rather, on its face, it seems to be the actions of the wellness police.

    “Under the wellness policy that takes effect Monday, all snack foods would have to meet nutrition guidelines set by the Alliance for a Healthier Generation or the New York State Nutrition Association’s Choose Sensibly guidelines.”

    I presume that the district feels that home baked items are less healthful than the commercially produced prepackaged junk that meet their nutritional guidelines.

  • Reason #27698 to privatize the public school system. People who want to send their children to micro-managed hell holes will be free to do so as long as the free market supplies that type of school.

  • The only reason I vote in person instead of by mail is because they always have a bake sale. Mmm, homemade cookies and brownies while driving to work…

  • […] pitfalls, such as reduced competition, destruction of small businesses, and the expansion of crazy regulation on bake sales and other food related activities. He used the disaster created by recent changes to the Consumer […]