Tuesday in DC: “Food Safety Regulations: Will More Regulation Make Us Safer?”

The American Enterprise Institute is holding a panel discussion in Washington, D.C. Tuesday afternoon and I’ll be one of the participants, along with David W. K. Acheson of Leavitt Partners, Carol Tucker Foreman of the Consumer Federation of America, and Michelle Worosz of Auburn University, with AEI’s Kenneth Green as moderator. Details here. I’ve had a few things to say about food safety over the years and am also likely to draw on the potential parallels presented by the calamitous Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA).


  • On a light note, I hope that the discussion at the American Institute focuses on a food that I have seen cause considerable injury as far as sending patient to the ED. It is the french fry. I have taken care of at least three seperate people who have got into single car accidents trying to find the french fry that they dropped in their lap while driving. I can just see new Federal Regulations that mandate that we can not eat while driving or manditory french fry dispensing devices to prevent injury.

  • […] already online. Angela Logomasini has a writeup for CEI’s “Open Market”. Earlier here. I spoke at length about the CPSIA calamity and had a few things to say about the food side as […]