• Where was the Wall Street Journal for the past 30 years? The number one injury in the Long Island emergency rooms on Sunday mornings was knife wounds from improperly cutting a bagel.

    I’m not so sure that the slicing technique stated in the article is the safest. Maybe it is for slicing a bagel supported only with one’s other hand, but using a cutting board on which to rest the bagel on its edge, a sharp knife and keeping one’s fingers behind the blade, seems to me to be the better way.

    [This advice doesn’t hold true when ripping lumber with a circular saw. In that instance keeping one’s other hand behind the blade as the saw is pushed forward is extremely dangerous. See why?]

  • This was also a Washington Post front-page story in 1995, and I use this example whenever someone says “But McDonald’s knew that people got burns from their coffee.” (I still have the bagel-related scar.)

  • I think we should incite gang warfare between bagels and Christmas trees.


  • Bob has a point, I’ve been a victim of both.

    I was injured by my Christmas tree this year. Similar to a bagel injury, too. Guess I should have swung the hatchet away from my leg, duh. Nothing serious, but I will find out who is responsible for this and go after them.

    Long time ago I was injured by a bagel, too. It was from one of those strip mall places, I bit in and there was a big chunk of metal mixing equipment baked into the bagel. Put a nice chip in my tooth and it hurt like hell, maybe Congress should pass a law?

  • I guess its lucky that the kind of people who use splitting mauls don’t sue manufacturers of non-defective but potentially dangerous goods. A splitting maul is to a hatchet as a howitzer is to a BB gun.

  • For the sake of the children please ban bagels