December 29 roundup

  • “Trial lawyer group hails Senate health care bill as ‘stunning victory'” [Point of Law]
  • Christopher Hitchens on our leaders’ absurd reaction to the attempted plane bombing [Slate] More: Stewart Baker on the security challenges [first, second]; Mark Steyn [first, second]
  • Lots of coverage for Ted Frank’s Center for Class Action Fairness and its objection in a Yahoo! settlement [Zywicki/Volokh, Stier/Mass Tort Lit, CCAF, Turkewitz; Drum] And the Center has also filed objections in an AOL settlement of claims arising from advertising copy placed in the footers of emails;
  • Sad: “Texas Man Freed by DNA Sues Over ‘Excessive’ Attorney Fees” [AP/]
  • Litigious creationists: promoters of “intelligent design” back in court yet again [L.A. Times via WSJ Law Blog]
  • “One Possible Class-Action Defense Strategy: Disappear and Live in a Tent” [Lowering the Bar]
  • “Softballer can’t slide, wants money” [Elie Mystal, Above the Law; Queens, N.Y.]
  • Litigators advised to use social media to snoop on players in their cases [Trial Lawyer Tips]