• Can we file a class action suit against all lawyers who file class action suits that collected more in lawyers fees from the settlement than the members of the class collected? (An awkward sentence for an awkward situation.)

  • Class action lawyers should only get a percentage of the actual class payout. If it’s a $500 coupon and only 3 people get one, then the lawyers should get their portion of the $1500 paid out. Cy Pres “awards” don’t count towards lawyer fees.

  • Why on earth don’t the judges reject these settlements? Isn’t it their responsibility to intervene when the lawyers aren’t doing their jobs?

  • If one accepts, Bill, that the judges are supposed to intervene when the lawyers aren’t doing their jobs, the conclusion is that either the judges aren’t doing their jobs…. or that the lawyers ARE doing their jobs. Given the stories that run here, who can doubt that it is the latte? This is the way the laws are written, this is the way they’re administered. This is the best of all possible worlds.


  • I’ve always thought the lawyers should be paid in the same way as the class members. Give these guys (and gals) $2.95 million worth of coupons and instructional videos.