• Man, I got those things for years as gifts from my (Swiss) Godmother. Always wondered why it stopped, but never asked. Maybe she heard about the ban?

    I’ve got a drawer full of dozens of the toys. They were awesome!

  • Well, to be fair, Kinder Eggs kind of suck.
    As the comedian Bill Bailey says, you know it’s a crap toy covered in crap chocolate, and they are, indeed, Eggs of Numbing Inevitability.

  • Hey, when I was eight, having too colors of chocolate layered together was a pretty neat novelty, and getting to put together those toys was a blast. And taking them apart and putting them back together and so on, which is exactly what I wanted out of a toy (so many of my action figures ended up with swapped limbs/heads for that reason…). It was about the perfect little package of fun, for me.

  • I’m only surprised that the CPSC hasn’t banned Faberge Eggs.

  • Occasionally I’ve been able to find Kinder Eggs at a local store that stocks many imported items. Haven’t seen them the last few times I was there however. The store does stock a lot of that manufacturer’s products.

  • Oh, and the little toy is encased in a plastic cylinder inside the relatively thin chocolate “egg”. It’s not really probable that a kid would bite in and swallow the toy and its enclosure, but I guess it is possible and the gubmint has to save those poor souls from their own selves.

  • Won’t somebody please think of the children?

  • Strange restrictions can work both ways of course, here’s one I remember where it’s the Canadian laws that cause the trouble.