February 12 roundup


  • That creeped out story about Cambridge, MA’s greening can be summed up thusly: We therefore declare ourselves Marxists and demand all dissenters go away, join us, or risk unimaginable sanctions.

  • When it’s even arguably “medical malpractice” that a 77-year-old Congressman under the care of the best doctors in the country dies from a known risk of a complicated micro-surgical procedure, it says something about how doctors are held to different standards than attorneys when it comes to malpractice.

  • Ted,

    I agree completely. Somehow we need to end the conflation of an adverse outcome with medical malpractice or even negligence.

    I’ve noticed recently that there’s a commercial for some law firm that’s doing a “John Edwards” and looking for people whose children were had a birth injury resulting in CP.

    I have a 19 year old special needs daughter and never even thought to sue anyone over it. She is who she is. And we love her dearly.

  • I also have a very young daughter with serious speech and fine motor skill problems. Yet, we have never sued the doctor who delivered her. She is who she is, as difficult as that is sometimes.

  • Blessing on you and your wife and your beautiful daughter Doug.

  • Make one wonder whether lifting the ban on advertising by lawyers was, like breaking up AT&T years back, one fo the worst ideas to come along….Does anyone know how much TV advertising is done by lawyers for such as “mesothelioma”, “asbestos”, even “Enron”-type stuff, and so on? (I mean as a percentage of ad time bought, not necessarily the dollar amount.)