February 25 roundup


  • Regarding the old lady with the 32 year old check.
    Holding an old IOU that contained a clear expiration clause (60 days) does not mean that the the debt was never paid to her. Given the time that has passed, and that the company is defunct, the burden of proof (ethically if not legally) shifts to her to establish that the debt still exists. Her possession of the check for 32 years establishes that she was on notice that a debt settlement was in the offing; her failure to act does not create an obligation to this company now.

  • WAAAAY too many people are mashing up the Downfall clip

    Here’s a take from the IT folks


  • GCR: Disagree. Waaay too many people are doing a crap job of mashing it. The good ones are great.

  • @1 Most (if not all) states through their respective comptrollers offices require unclaimed funds to be deposited with the state. The states hold these unclaimed funds, interest free, until claimed by the rightful owner. This woman should check her state’s website and follow the procedure to claim her money.

  • Why would the state know of the ladies check?