April 12 roundup

  • Town counsel of Southborough, Mass. considering legal action against online critic [Evan Lips/MetroWest Daily News, Jacob Sullum/Reason, Aspen Daily News]
  • “Drowning in laughter”: pic of ill-advised safety sign [Turley]
  • Canadian lawyer accused of fabricating evidence of jury tampering [Times Colonist h/t @ErikMagraken]
  • One union (SEIU) wins $1.5 million verdict against another (NUHW) [Fox, Jottings]
  • “Anti-Law School Blogs Seek to Keep Others from Making ‘Same Mistake We Did'” [Legal Blog Watch, WSJ Law Blog] Instruction at University of Texas law school has room for improvement [Blackbook Legal] Chief Justice Roberts: law review articles aren’t particularly helpful for practitioners or judges [WSJ Law Blog]
  • “Illinois Hospital Loses Tax-Exempt Status for Not Being Charitable Enough” [NLJ]
  • “Cyber-bullying” proposal in Suffolk County, N.Y. could criminalize repeated insults [Volokh]
    “Where’s the State Action in Tort Awards Based on Speech?” [same]
  • George Will: administration “can imagine the world without the internal combustion engine but not without Chrysler” [WaPo/syndicated]


  • Ah, but is that safety sign real or a photoshop?

  • Consider the date of the report – 1st April.
    Maybe that’s a hint 😉

  • Re:

    Anti-law school blogs — check out “Big Debt, Small Law”, one of the sites referenced by the WSJ. It is the most dead-on thing I have read about the legal profession — completely shorn of the nonsense.

    A gem:

    “Most hilarious is the new “Legal Rebels” campaign spawned by the American Biglaw Association (ABA). Cry me a river for the recently laid-off AmLaw crew and their well-padded “plight.” Here’s a newsflash a**holes: you’re about as “rebellious” as a 19 year old lesbian women’s studies major at Barnard pedaling her bicycle to a Natalie Merchant concert.”