Suit: no warning that 10,000-lb. safe was risky to move

Trying to move the contents of his Duval Street store to another location, a jeweler in Key West, Fla. was killed when the enormously heavy object fell on him; his widow’s suit “claims that Mutual Safe Co. and Harwood’s Miami Safe Co. failed to warn her husband of the life-threatening risks involved in moving the 10,000-pound, refrigerator-sized safe, according to the lawsuit filed in Monroe County circuit court Tuesday.” [Adam Linhardt, Key West Citizen; & welcome Lowering the Bar readers]


  • Another Darwin Award winner!

  • Does no one watch Looney Tunes any more?


  • Wouldn’t that have been an open and obvious hazard? But, less seriously, I was thinking along the above lines myself.

  • But in Looney Tunes, Wile E. Coyote seemed alright after he was hit with a 5 ton safe dropped off of a cliff. He just shook it off!

  • Bob and VMS:

    We aren’t allowed to watch Looney Tunes any more – it’s too violent.

  • Why wasn’t Isaac Newton also named in this suit? Clearly he could have done more to warn humanity about the dangers of mixing gravity and multi-ton objects.

  • VMS:
    So you are saying they should be sueing Warner Bros. instead?

  • I’d think that a jeweler would know everything there is to know about the practicalities of owning a safe, including the importance of not being under one when it is falling.

  • @Kurt

    Of course, and it was probably legal malpractice not to name them!

  • Observations:
    1) Who in their right mind moves a 5 ton safe by himself, using only with a do-it-yourself jack?
    2) The unfortunate Mr. Gelman was still alive when half the population of Key West showed up and managed to remove the safe.
    3) He died on-route to the nearest appropriate trauma center, which was a nightmarish Kiss of Death 4 hour ambulance ride away in Miami. Trauma specialists speak of the “Golden Hour”: that first hour after injury, when aggressive skilled treatment is most effective at saving lives.
    4) The distinguished Florida trial lawyer industry is responsible for the closure of proper trauma care throughout Florida, down to a handful of remaining centers. Yeah, no need for tort reform in Florida.

  • In the interests of full disclosure, here is a partial list of other hazards that the safe manufacturer should disclose:

    Should not be transported by Bike Messenger
    Cannot be transported as Hand Baggage on most domestic air carriers.
    Do not place in Microwave Ovens.
    May not be used as a Flotation Device!

  • Do not feed to children. May contain lead.


  • Your Mileage May Vary.