• Regardless of whether the salon owner knew the sidewalk was frequented by intoxicated pedestrians, or not – the salon owner shouldn’t have any liability for someone-else’s ill-advised actions! This all goes back to the argument that when someone gets injured while tresspassing the land, or property, owner is somehow liable – for the results…. How has America gotten so screwed up?

  • Perhaps she was fighting with her reflection, kinda like my cat does, and can sue herself too? Hiss! Spit!

  • There is a valid lawsuit in this incident. The store should be suing the woman for breaking the window.

  • Lest not forget when she went into the window she was in the midst of a alcohol induced violent attack upon another person. Why oh why wasn’t she arrested for assault and battery and public drunkenness?

  • “Jumped right out in front of me!”
    — W.C. Fields, “The Bank Dick”

  • Is it possible that somebody installed a regular glass window on a store front, as indicated in the link?