June 24 roundup

  • “IP Lawyer Who Spotted Expired Patent on Solo Cup Lid Loses Quest for Trillions in Damages” [ABA Journal, earlier on “false markings” suits here, here, etc.]
  • Like we’re surprised: Linda Greenhouse favors sentimental (“Poor Joshua!”) side in 1989 DeShaney case and hopes Elena Kagan does too [NYT Opinionator, my take a few years back]
  • Why is Le Monde in financial trouble? For one thing, firing a printing plant employee costs €466,000 [Frédéric Filloux, Monday Note via MargRev]
  • “Will these salt peddlers stop at nothing?” Michael Kinsley on NYT sodium-as-next-tobacco coverage [Atlantic Wire]
  • “‘Victim’ Gets $4.17 Coupon, Lawyers Get $10 Million Cash”: Expedia class action settlement [John Frith, California Civil Justice Blog]
  • Scruggs investigation finally over as feds drop probe of political operative P.L. Blake; several figures in Mississippi scandal are up for release soon from prison [Jackson Clarion Ledger]
  • $20 billion Gulf spill fund: “Oil Gushes and Power Rushes” [Sullum, Althouse]
  • “NYC Naked Cowboy to Naked Cowgirl: Stop copying me” [AP]


  • “NYC Naked Cowboy to Naked Cowgirl: Stop copying me”

    Getting naked is now intellectual property?

  • Kagan on tort reform…

    We’ve previously written about Kagan’s role in the Clinton administration opposing product liability reform, an act that helped bankrupt two of the Big Three auto companies a decade later. Now we learn from the New York Times that Kagan all……

  • After reading about the regulation of salt content and the purported “saving 150,000 lives per year”, I was wondering. If these people do not die of salt related illnesses, what are they going to die of? Does the CSPI want us to believe that if we accept all of thier recommendations we will be immortal?

    Perhaps they want us to think our quality of life will be better because we are healthier later in life. I’d like the option of making my own choice between being able to walk the golf course at 90 years old vs. a lifetime of really bland tasting food.

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