July 11 roundup

  • Update: Australian judge tells Men at Work to pay 5% of royalties to “Kookaburra” owner, far less than was demanded [Lowering the Bar, earlier here and here]
  • McDonald’s CEO pushes back vs. ogrish CSPI’s anti-Happy Meal campaign [Stoll, Mangu-Ward] “Milk, Coke and the Calorie Police” [Jason Kuznicki, Cato]
  • “Lawyer sues basketball star LeBron James, alleging he is his father” [CNN, BLT] Update: judge tosses suit.
  • Small business tort liability costs estimated at $133 billion [NERA study (PDF) for Chamber’s Institute for Legal Reform (press release) via PoL]
  • Crawlers, robots.txt and fear of litigation: “Some closure on my collision with Facebook” [Pete Warden]
  • Now what was Citizens United supposed to open the floodgates for, exactly? [Bainbridge]
  • DOJ “entered into undisclosed agreement with Amex to freeze out the employment of exec who ultimately was cleared of wrongdoing” [Podgor, Kirkendall via Steele]
  • Easter egg in financial regulation bill could result in new pressure for gender, ethnic quotas across wide sectors of economy [Diana Furchtgott-Roth, Real Clear Politics; Mark Perry with some figures on the degree of gender balance in Dodd’s and Frank’s committees]


  • If LeBron’s mother was 16 when he was born and this man, who was 29 at the time, is proven to be his father, is he admitting to statutory rape? As a lawyer, is this something he would advise his client to do?

  • I am your father Luke … er … LeBron.

  • Even if he was the sperm-donor, what on earth are the damages he claims to have suffered at his son’s hands?