Fooling the ump

Derek Jeter gets to first base by misleading the umpire, and debate ensues over his lack of apparent scruple. A parallel to lawyers’ ethics in adversary factfinding? [Freedman and Vischer, Legal Ethics Forum]


  • It’s just a game.


  • Yeah, just a game.

    Back when it had rules and players followed them I watched them play (na paid good money to do it.

    I don’t do that anymore, but I guess nobody cares..

  • No Larry, no one does.

    Cut blocking, doctored pitches, payoffs, point shaving, bad calls….
    They have been going on for a century or more (need we forget the Black Sox Scandal?) and yet self righteous folks like to act like the game was more “pure” back in the day. Jeter did nothing that Cobb, Mantle, Aaron or Speaker wouldn’t have done.

  • Yep non-story. Prolly didn’t even make the sports page (and no reason it should have). Surprised to see it made OL.

  • Prolly didn’t even make the sports page

    Not only did it make the local NYC papers, it was a national discussion. The issue wasn’t so much Jeter getting hit or not hit, but his acting and embellishment that was discussed.

    Something akin to John Edwards channeling dead children.