• Jacob Miller can sympathize with Woodson:

  • What in the constitution authorizes something called the EEOC?

  • I imagine the authorization comes from the grant of executive powers to the President.

    I like “non-standard hairstyles could affect Lawrence’s ability to “provide the service expected by” these people”

    What kind of services do you think customers expect that involves an employee’s hair?

  • The EEOC would like to see Woodson awarded… a position with Lawrence Transportation as a loader—hair intact.

    What if Lawrence has already filled the vacancy? Will the EEOC force Lawrence to fire the current employee?

  • I would like a mover that does not look like he has bedbugs residing in the mess on top his head. I would not hire such a mover if i had the choice.

  • If it were a Sikh, would that change the equation?