• A propaganda film make by trial lawyers. Where is Representative Cohen when you need him?

  • i was very disappointed that the story was about that woman who spilled coffee on herself.

    as opposed to grand theft auto. 🙂

  • Another Michael Moore in the making.

  • Considering the plantiff died in 2004, the audience has no way to asceterin how shaky she was. The lawyer/ doc maker proably won’t make another film.

  • Can’t wait to see this. We studied the case in law school and it really was a miscarriage of justice that the plaintiff was portrayed as a moneygrubber, when in reality McDonald’s was serving an incredibly dangerous product that caused 3rd degree burns in numerous individuals. Society has been duped by the insurance industry into thinking that any lawsuit is frivolous and all injury victims are faking it for the cash.

  • Jim
    I have to say it, but you show by your post you know nothing about the proper preparation of coffee. McDonald’s was serving a properly brewed cup of coffee.

    OK Coffee Making 101 class:
    What temperature of water does one use when brewing coffee?

    That’s right, it’s 195 to 205 degrees Fahrenheit at sea level.

    “A second requirement of water for good coffee brewing is the water temperature as it passes over the coffee grounds. Ideal brewing temperature is 200°F, plus or minus 5°F (at sea level). Subtract 2°F for every 1,000 feet of elevation. Too low a temperature causes flavor compounds not to dissolve resulting in an under extracted weak beverage. Too high a temperature will cause flavor changes resulting in an over-extracted bitter and astringent beverage. By maintaining the proper temperature throughout the brew cycle, optimum extraction can be attained.”

    Jim: Get your facts straight. Coffee MUST be hot to be properly brewed.

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