February 21 roundup

  • Estate of Anna Nicole Smith may sue over opera based on her life [Daily Mail via Surber, other Daily Mail]
  • Maryland Department of Environment: yep, we put tracking devices on Eastern Shore watermen’s boats [Red Maryland]
  • Trial lawyers’ federal contributions went 97% to Dems last cycle [Freddoso, Examiner]
  • $6.5 million for family abuse: unusual sovereign-exposure law costs Washington taxpayers again [PoL]
  • Canadian court: no, we can’t and won’t waive loser-pays for needy litigants who lose cases [Erik Magraken]
  • CPSC considers mandating “SawStop” technology [Crede, background]
  • Gun groups alarmed over ATF pick [Chicago Tribune]
  • Jury blames hit-run death on wheelchair curb cut [four years ago on Overlawyered]


  • Regarding the loser-pays article, perhaps the Plaintiff attorney would want to help them pay the defense costs. He/she is just as responsible for taking it as far as it went.

  • CPSC may finally give me enough incentive to scrap my old table saw and buy a new one with modern technology. It will be a Delta Unisaw, and I’d better hurry and get it before they mandate that Saw Stop gizmo.

  • If the plaintiff’s lawyer had a business contract (a contingency fee arrangement) with the plaintiffs for the “winnings,” should he not also be held liable for part of the “losses”?

  • In BC, the lawyer would only be liable if that was part of the original retainer agreement or if negligent.

  • I would think, if I found an unknown device attached to my boat, I would call the Coast Guard and report a possible terrorist bomb attempt. Then let the Fish Police explain things to the bomb squad.