April 27 roundup


  • Judge Walker didn’t belong to the class of people affected by Proposition 8. He, as far as I know, never attempted to marry, nor did he marry someone of the same or opposite sex. He had nothing to gain or lose by his decision.

    In fact, the primary argument from the Yes on 8 people was that it weakens heterosexual marriage. So, by that argument, a heterosexual married person would have to recuse himself, because he wouldn’t want his marriage to be weakened.

    Full Disclosure: I am among the 12,000 people legally married to a person of the same sex in California.

  • Not that I disagree with his findings, but for the sake of argument, can you imagine the reception he would have gotten within the community had he found the other way or even had he recused himself. He was in a no-win situation no matter what he did, so he certainly did the right thing by staying the course.

  • robert – You are being clever but not serious.