Update: “Judge Bars Woman From Suing Over Faulty Google Map”

“Finding that Google has no duty to provide accurate content on its website, a Utah judge has thrown out the novel case of a woman who claimed that faulty walking directions on Google Maps caused her to be hit by a car.” [OnPoint News, earlier here, etc.] The same post, updating another story we’ve noted, reports that a bill to make guidebook publishers liable for some injuries to tourists has died in the Hawaii legislature.


  • clearly the concept of ‘look both ways before crossing’ was lost on her.

  • I love how people think things they get utterly free should provide them with better services.

  • Reminds me of The Office where Michael drives into the lake because the GPS told him to. Except in this version Google Maps told this woman to walk into oncoming traffic and she did. Life imitates fiction, but as in this case usually with litigation added on.