• I am a teatotaller. I also carry a spray bottle of alcohol and ammonia to clean my windshield, disinfect, degrease, etc.

    If I am sober, my car better god damned start.

  • All this will do is create an after (black) market for disabling the stupid things.

  • Oh, it will be highly illegal to tamper with or (shudder) disable the nano-nannies. Probably a greater infraction than the DWI itself, if I know my bureaucrats. You can’t run a nanny state if you allow people to make their own decisions, you know.

  • Won’t this deprive police departments, alcohol treatment classes, and SR22 Insurers of revenue?

  • And how much will this add to the production cost of each new vehicle to stop how few people?

  • this device will:
    1) add to the price of the car
    2) add to the servicing costs of the car (all devices need fixin’)
    3) not stop any drunk driver who has their friend blow into the dash
    4) cause waves of new lawsuits against auto manufacturers just like airbags do (you didnt add it soon enough, it didnt work, it worked too well, etc, etc)