• Next they will outlaw dogs playing poker!

  • This what happens with a bloated bureaucracy looking to justify its existence. Next comes the elimination of trans-fats from dog food.

  • Will Bloomberg allow a Dog at the 9/11 Memorial service? He’ll allow politicians, but not those who provided comfort.

  • As the article notes, dog owners are happy to socialize at dog parks.

    That’s a good place for dogs. Bars are good places for people to socialize.

    Call me un-American; call me unmanly. I don’t like dogs. I don’t want to be around dogs. It has something, not entirely, to do with having been bitten by dogs three times. Two of those dogs were friends’ dogs.

    People come to my house with their dogs and put up a fight when I say that they can tie the dog up outside, but it can’t come in.

    Hey – leave the damned dog at home. Oh, and take that stupid scarf off it too.

  • Here in France, people bring their dogs into restaurants and have them sit right down next to them, usually on the floor. I have even seen some small dogs on booth-type seats. And, the French who bring their children to dinner make sure that the children are at least as well-behaved and quiet as their dogs…

  • A dog walks into a bar.
    The bartender yells, “Hey, we don’t serve dogs here! Get out.”
    As the dog is leaving, one of the plastered patrons takes out his pistol and wounds the poor pooch in the foot. The dog limps out the swinging doors.
    A month later, the dog returns to the bar armed with a pistol. He stands at the door and announces, “I’m looking for the man who shot my paw.”

  • Frank,

    I’m not a big fan of dogs, either, but shouldn’t that decision be left up to the bar owner?

  • Frank-

    Simple. Don’t go to bars that allow dogs. The same private property rights that allow you to have your friends leave their dogs outside at your home allow business owners to permit their customers to bring their dogs.

  • Allowing the great unwashed to make their OWN decisions?


  • Improbably, I agree with Small Govt Guy. The bar should do whatever it wants. If you don’t like dogs, go to a dog free bar. They have lots of them at a street corner near you.

  • Agreed. Let the bar owner decide and those who don’t like it can go elsewhere. This constant demand for conformity is getting tiring, and more than a little obsessive these days.

  • I dunno…if you drink enough, there are no dogs in bars.

    EVERYONE is good looking.

    (Sorry…. someone had to say it.)