Philadelphia courts attract forum-shoppers

According to a new study by Josh Wright for the International Center for Law and Economics. His “findings are consistent with a conclusion that Philadelphia courts demonstrate a marked and meaningful preference for plaintiffs, consistent with both the Complex Litigation Center’s intention of inviting ‘business’ from other courts and criticisms that Philadelphia’s courts provide a unique combination of advantages for plaintiffs.” [Pennsylvania Record, Point of Law]


  • Read this study – or just ride the Broad Street subway and admire the abundance of absurd personal injury lawyer advertisements. I’m not complaining, though. Lawyers have to eat (bill hours), too.

  • Philadelphia Lawyers didn’t gain their reputation for no reason.

    They have held sway in the criminal courts for years, leading to one of the most inefficient metropolitan court systems in the country.

    On the civil side, they are no less influential, with detrimental results for tax paying citizens.