December 12 roundup

  • Liability suits bankrupt manufacturer of gasoline cans [Tulsa World]
  • Faces life imprisonment: “Greece’s statistics chief faces criminal probe” for “not cooking the books” [FT via @OlafStorbeck]
  • Man injured by runaway car can sue county on grounds bus shelter was built too close to street [Seattle Times]
  • Title IX trips up track teams [Saving Sports: Delaware, West Virginia, Maryland]
  • “‘Not gay enough’ softball players settle suit” [SF Chron]
  • Now it’s the Obama administration that’s upset with ABA over ratings of judicial nominees [Whelan]
  • Lawyer kiosks in UK newsstands [Knake, LEF] Lawyers open kiosk at Florida mall [ABA Journal]


  • what kind of logic determines that a decision which effectively discriminated against non-gay people highlights discrimination against the LGBT community? Would a team that allowed only straight white males and which conducted a hearing which determined that certain members were not white, straight or male enough be protected by rhe first amendment. I think not.

  • @ps: If it were a private organization, it would pass constitutional muster. The right to freely associate is also guaranteed by the First Amendment. That’s why private clubs can exclude women, exclude members of religious groups they don’t like, and exclude people of colors they don’t like.

    They are free to do this, without sanctions from the government. They are not free from public condemnation. Nor are they eligible to get very many ‘freebies’ that government might offer.

  • Maryland football – and their lack of revenues – tripped up Maryland track and field. Not Title IX.

  • According to a U. Md. athletics support site, “The Commission recommendation to eliminate eight teams was motivated by the Department of Intercollegiate Athletics’ financial situation, and influenced by gender equity interests. ” [h/t Saving Sports]