• maybe in California the simple test of “do people know not to point a gun at their face” comes back with different results compared to what’s the norm in most of the rest of the world 🙂

  • Point it at some one else’s!


  • JTW, you are not too far off the mark. I am a California Native and sadly I fled the state some fifteen years ago because California over the years had become a state of cultural castoffs and social misfits who could not make a mark where they were born and raised. If it was up to them, the state would be one big park and people would be forbidden to live outside any conclaves. Sort of the ultimate Nanny State. There is real meaning in the phrase “California – The Land Of Fruits And Nuts”.

  • Pomona – the Roman Goddess of fruits and nuts – is on the LA City seal that had the Christian cross forcibly ejected from the design.

    Apparently, not all religious symbols are verboten.

  • It won’t make a bit of difference. Not one person that I ever treated or help treat for a self-inflicted gun shot wound, did so with a loaded gun. Just ask them, “it wasn’t loaded, I know it wasn’t!” It was many years before I learned the wisdom of Darwin.