June 11 roundup

  • Nortel portfolio now used for offense: “How Apple and Microsoft Armed 4,000 Patent Warheads” [Wired]
  • Via Bill Childs: “This shows up in Google News despite fact that it’s lawyer advertising.” [TheDenverChannel.com] At “public interest watchdog” FairWarning.org, who contributed this article about Canadian asbestos controversies? Byline credits a law firm;
  • Another Bloomberg crackdown in NYC: gender-differential pricing in haircuts and other services [Mark Perry]
  • A “Pro-Business Regulation Push” from Obama White House? Oh, Bloomberg Business Week, sometimes you can be so droll [Future of Capitalism]
  • “Trial Lawyers’ Support of Republican Candidates Yields Less Than Stellar Results” [Morgan Smith, NY Times; Examiner editorial; more from TLRPac on Texas election results]
  • “Community banks to Congress: you’re crushing us” [Kevin Funnell]
  • If an emergency injunction could stop one reality-TV show, why couldn’t it stop them all? [Hollywood Reporter]


  • Are the regulations causing the large number of small bank failures, or an attempt reduce the cost of failures?

  • Re Bloom-nanny:

    Yes…..long or complex tresses of a fussy client should cost the same to cut as “#2, all over” done in 5 minutes guy.

    Silk blouse = cotton shirt in terms of effort to clean without destroying it…..NOT.

    Oh, and where is Bloom-nanny on the blatant gender discrimination against men on how we get hosed on life insurance and car insurance rates? Oh yeah, that’s right…..when guys have to pay more it’s OK. I keep forgetting that one. Darn on me. /snark