August 17 roundup


  • I think restraining dogs in cars is a fine idea. I’m not so concerned about the animals being ejected or tossed around or simply leaping from the moving vehicle (as a friend’s large dog did), but with the plainly unsafe practice many pet owners engage in of letting dogs stand on the lap/legs of the driver, the animal’s body between driver and controls, the animal’s head at the driveer’s head and neck.

    As stated before, ny views on what is reasonable in road rules is colored by my many years as a motorcyclist.

  • A couple of years ago my staff and I in another country had a problem with an employee. In that country, there is a mandatory retirement age. The employee wanted to retire early on full pay, so got a doctor to repeatedly sign off on home rest because the employee claimed she was depressed. In that country there are very, very few psychiatrists even though there are many licensed physicians. Seems the treatment of choice for a claim of depression was home rest.

    The HR manager realized that the employee was gaming the system until she reached the age of mandatory retirement. The HR manager found legal ways within government policy that he could end paid home rest for the employee, and he informed the employee of the end date for the paid home rest. Somehow, the employee was magically cured of her depression and soon re-appeared at work smiling and happy.

  • That story about the woman who donates her time, effort, and resources to make lunches for needy kids in the neighborhood is heart-wrenching. I hope they find a solution.

  • […] good for welfare recipients’ careers in the long run (an idea that clashes with the “work-first” philosophy behind the 1996 law). Congress has the power to rewrite laws, not the president, […]