Claim: smart meter wi-fi caused ear infection

A local woman says wi-fi emanations from new “smart” parking meters in Santa Monica, Calif., have caused her various health injuries including tightness in her neck and an ear infection that took antibiotics to heal. She wants $1.7 billion: “I know it seems a little big,” [Denise] Barton said, “but they can’t do things that affect people’s health without their consent. I think that’s wrong.” [Santa Monica Daily Press, LAist]


  • One of the local courthouse gadflies, looking for some press. Every courthouse has them. It is just a claim before the city council, not a real lawsuit – yet.
    Why doesn’t she ask for a “gazillion” dollars – she’d get the same attention.

  • Simple solution: She just needs to put her tinfoil hat back on.

  • The smart meters in my neck of the woods just overheat and burn houses down – I’m glad they haven’t caused ear infections yet…

  • Their will be plenty of lawsuits when the full effects are revealed and the effort to suppress data is known (remember the cigarette companies?). This lady has not been taken seriously because of the total she is asking for. Ultimately, she should win a lesser award and lawyers should take note of this issue.

  • Their will be plenty of lawsuits when the full effects are revealed

    Don’t worry Inside Nine. All you have to do is wear your tinfoil hat to protect youself from the wi-fi emanations. As an added benefit it prevents people from reading your thoughts.