“New California law kickstarts home-based food businesses”

“The California Homemade Food Act clears the way for home cooks to make and sell a wide range of products, such as jams and jellies, without the need to invest in commercial kitchen space or comply with zoning and other regulations.” [Christian Science Monitor]


  • On one hand, it’s good that California is showing some legislative common sense. On the other hand, how pathetic is it that we need a law to tell US citizens they CAN do this?

  • This won’t work. This is another attempt by the Cal. Gov’t. to get entry to peoples homes. First it will be those who “sell” food, then those who take food from their homes to another’s home (for a party), and lastly, it will give “jurisdiction” by the Environmental Health officials to inspect EVERY kitchen. This won’t be immediate, but it’s the first salvo against the individual.