“Pandora defeats privacy suit over Facebook integration”

From the summary: “Judge throws out multibillion dollar suit arising from obscure CD-and-audiotape rental law, saying there’s no evidence anyone was actually harmed by Pandora’s integration with Facebook two years ago.”

The suit [by class action firm Edelson McGuire] claimed violations of an obscure pre-Internet era Michigan law, which says a company “renting or lending” sound recordings may not disclose details about customers’ transactions without their written permission. Because it specifies $5,000 penalty per violation, the possible damages could total in the tens of billions — far more than Pandora’s actual $1.8 billion market capitalization.

The judge, however, said the law did not create a right of action on behalf of unharmed consumers, and also was unpersuaded that the music-streaming service was “renting or lending” songs. [Declan McCullagh, CNet]

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    R.I.A.A. demanding unfair royalties is nothing less than pure greed.Pandora is not given a fair shot at the market. While radio stations pay on a much fairer scale Pandora is forced to pay much higher rates than other radio stations. R.I.A.A. and M.P.A.A. has shown themselves to be very irresponsible in any position. They, along with their bought and paid for politicians should be tared and feathered then ran from town. A radio station that picks music that I like is great, better still it has a reject button. The more you listen to it the better it gets. Pandora has the possibility of becoming the very best music venue worldwide. Sad to see its possibilities destroyed by greedy corporate lawyers and politician’s who are making outrageous and unfair demands. Those musician’s best enjoy that cash. If R.I.A.A. have their way their wont be anymore.